How to Choose A Brick

We know that when our customers choose bricks, it is predominately on colour. But more importantly we know this choice cannot be made in isolation. Designers use a scale known as “60, 30, 10”, it’s simply a definition for the proportions of a design space.

Four steps to selecting an exterior colour scheme

Choose brick colour

Choose mortar colour and style

Choose roof

Selecting the fascia, gutter, joinery & doors to complete the picture

How to select your bricks

Designing your new home is an exciting experience as you discover the multitude of design ideas at your disposal. The Brickery team will help to make the experience as satisfying as possible. We recommend you use at least three of these selection tools available to you:

Brochures & Websites

A great way to narrow down your selection but remember colours and textures are only indicative.

Display Material

Some builders have sample boards in their offices, these are a good way to view the bricks.

Selection Centres

Visit The Brickery Selection Centres to view display walls. We also have tools such as window joinery and roof colour swatches to help with your selection.

Sample Packs

You can request a sample from us which we can send to you. This will be from a recent or current batch and will give a good indication of brick colour. Our sample will have a batch number so you know what your house will look like (remember bricks vary from batch to batch). Please ensure the batch number is quoted at time of ordering. If we have since run out, then we will send you a new sample.

Recently Constructed Houses

We can provide you a list of recently constructed houses that you can view from the street.

Considering a blended brick?

Be aware we endeavour to always show a light and dark brick however the final blend will not be in equal proportions and there will be a range of colours between the light and dark. Consider your mortar colour and joint finish as this can have a dramatic affect on your homes overall appearance.

Mortar Colour


Off White



When it comes to mortar (what binds the bricks together) you will need to consider the colour and finish, as both will have a striking impact on the look of your bricks. Mortar constitutes approximately 15% of the brick facade colour. An off-white mortar between darker coloured bricks will add contrast and highlight the shape of each brick. Whereas matching mortar colour to the brick will soften the brickwork. Please confirm with your builder or brick layer what their mortar colouring offering is before you make your final decision.

Mortar finishes

When it comes to mortar finishes, it’s all about the lighting. There are four common finishes; raked, rolled, flush and weathered. A raked finish is recessed, creating deep shadows in the horizontal mortar joint, bringing out the lines of the brick work. A rolled finish* also creates shadow lines, but they are subtler. A flush finish doesn’t allow for any shadows in the joint, giving the wall a flatter, more unified look. A weathered joint gives a neat, well ordered look.
* A rolled joint is recommended for all vitreous coated clay bricks.

Bond pattern

A bond is the pattern in which bricks are laid. The most common bond is Stretcher Bond which consists of courses of full bricks where every course is offset half a brick from the course below. Stacked and Flemish are also popular and achieve an alternative look.


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