Glazed Bricks

Life is better in colour. If it weren’t, we’d live in shades of grey in a black-and-white world.

Clay being the magnificent medium it is, gets even better when combined with coloured glaze … fire these beauties together in a kiln, and the outcome is glorious. A fade-proof, permanent ceramic-coated, simple building unit.

International architectural communities fully embrace glazed bricks to add personality and drama to projects. Perhaps a hint of colour, the surprise of a glazed brick placed randomly through to a monumental structure of colour. There is no debating the wow glazed bricks add.

The Brickery glazed brick offering. These bricks are indent only, subject to minimum order quantities:

La Paloma

20 colours
Available as full bricks and slips

San Selmo
Custom colours
Available as full bricks, slips and custom shapes


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