Clay Bricks With 100-year Warranty Are No Fable

The three little pigs knew they were on to a good thing when the big bad wolf couldn’t blow their house down.

1 May 2022

Now The Brickery is offering New Zealand consumers a good thing with a 100-year warranty on all Austral and Monier bricks.

The three pigs fable is believed to be much more than 100 years old and The Brickery’s Kerry Heard says its clay bricks will be as durable.

“Of course you may not be around to check your building in 100 years,” he laughs, “but you only have to look around the world to find historic mansions and commercial buildings from the last century to see there’s no reason why it won’t be still standing.”

Clay bricks are an ancient construction material – said to have originated in Jericho 9000 years ago. Heard says they are as much the perfect answer to building challenges today as they were yesteryear.

“Bricks are durable, re-usable, free from contaminants and naturally resistant to pests or fire,” he says. “They are made from organic minerals found in naturally abundant sources of clay.”

The Brickery says there is no other building product on the New Zealand market that offers a 100-year warranty.

“So if you want to keep the wolf from your door when it comes to a safe, dry and solid building, think clay brick and our 100-year warranty,” Heard says.

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